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Ruddy Duck Monday Trivia


I am pleased to be the host of the Weekly Team Trivia night at the Ruddy Duck in Solomon's.  Prizes for top 3 teams every week.

Game starts at 6:30 and Reservations are HIGHLY recommended.  Call the Duck at:  (410) 394-3825 to make your Reservation. 

Ruddy Duck Winter 2023 Cash Tournament

The Winter Tournament runs for 8 weeks from January 16 to March 8.  Best 7 of 8 weeks.  Total Prize Pool based on number of teams playing.  Weekly score will not include Music Round and Final Question.  Full Rules/Details Below.

Feb 28 Update:

We have completed 7 weeks of the 8 week tournament and Brawndo is holding strong to their lead.  I believe that they have basically locked it up.  The race for 2nd and 3rd place is still very tight. 

Things will get really interesting this final week.  If you played all 7 weeks so far, you can replace a low score with your week 8 score.  If you missed a week, you can now join the fray at the top.  It's going to be crazy fun.


We had 15 teams this past Monday (Feb 27th), so we will add $40 to the prize pool.

No more Feud opportunities before the finale, so thank you for those teams that came out to get those extra few points.

The Prize pool is now at:  $316!

Also - I'm not adding teams to the standings any more and starting next week, I will be dropping teams from the list that haven't played at least half of the weeks.

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