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Wedding DJ, Southern Maryland DJ, Karaoke DJ



To help us provide the best service possible for you, take a look at these documents.

First, fill out the event options sheet so that we can determine the best options and pricing for your occassion.  Choose either the wedding sheet or the event sheet and send it in to us.  We'll call you back and provide an estimate that will not break your budget.


Basic Event Options Sheet


Wedding Options Sheet



Once you have selected us for DJ Enterainment needs, fill out the right document below to give us all the details we need to make your event perfect.


Event Planning Worksheet


Wedding Planning Worksheet  


Here is our current Karaoke offerings, by Song or by Artist.  We're always adding more and can grab any special requests on the fly for your event.


Pulsating Sounds Karaoke List by Song


Pulsating Sounds Karaoke List by Artist

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